Why are FoodJin’s home-cooked meals better than restaurant food?

With our busy lives, people find it easier to eat at restaurants or grab fast food on their way home. What people don’t realize is that this convenience comes with consequences. When it comes to feeding your body,  there is nothing better than homemade food..but why? There are several reasons so let’s jump right into it: 


  1. Taste and quality:

While dishes prepared at restaurants can be delicious, the components of the dish are prepared in bulk and in advance. To enhance flavors, generous amounts of food additives and preservatives such as oil, sugar, and sodium are added. Needless to say, this in the long run will have serious effects on our health.


  1. Expenses:
    With restaurant expenses increasing such as rent, labor, insurance, etc. it’s evident that restaurants will cover their expenses through their customers by charging them more. Even if you order a takeaway meal, you will still be charged for the delivery service leading to monthly budgets getting disturbed.

While customers think that pre-cooked meals are great alternatives, it’s actually as bad. Although some of these pre-cooked meals are provided by companies that promise to be cost-effective and healthy,  there is zero transparency on how and where they’re being produced. In reality, similar to restaurants, their food is made in bulk, frozen, nitrogenated and then supplied.

Say yes to FoodJin:


The best answer to all of these concerns is FoodJin. FoodJin combines the best qualities of a restaurant and home-made meals. 

FoodJin offers a limited numbered, daily-changing menu with global recipes to deliver freshly cooked meals every day by pre-approved, highly-skilled chefs. 


We welcome customers to visit chefs personally at their commercial kitchen to witness how our chefs prepare meals with high-quality fresh ingredients every day, and how they choose their method of cooking carefully to retain as many nutrients as possible.

Whether our chef’s menu is inspired by their culture, heritage or locally sourced ingredients, they are offering you their speciality. We guarantee that your taste buds will always be tickling with authenticity leaving you craving for more. 


Although with FoodJin there is no additional cost for take-aways, they are significantly cheaper than restaurant delivery charges as with FoodJin – no restaurant expenses need to be covered. 


With FoodJin, we want to help busy families adopt healthy habits in their schedules. But we also understand that not everyone has the time or talent to cook their own meals everyday. This is where FoodJin comes handy. Order your food online with FoodJin by staying at the comfort of your home or office, and be sure to receive innovative, fresh, healthy and exciting meals at your doorstep.


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