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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is not always easy to prepare healthy meals at home. The vision of FoodJin is to replace unhealthy food habits with fresh, high-quality ingredients. By simply removing restaurants as middlemen, FoodJin provides professional chef dishes in Michigan, Chicago & New York. It is a cost-effective platform that’s not only beneficial to those who have no time or skill to prepare their own meal, but also to those who love cooking or have a kitchen space to rent.

To sign up with FoodJin, one doesn’t need to be a professional cook. Hobbyist cooks are welcome too! However, we do want to emphasize that before displaying any chef on our app, we do a thorough background check to ensure all of our chefs are trustworthy, skilled, and clean. We are totally against frozen and pre-made food, and we only accept chefs who agree with our ideology and policy.

We strive to build local cooking communities by providing a platform for up and coming talent to shine while avoiding startup costs. This means tapping into incredible cultural cuisine from different corners of the world at very affordable prices. This indeed is an excellent opportunity for cooks to connect with their diners directly. Restaurant work requires long hours in a hot, crowded kitchen, while chefs at FoodJin, also provides online food delivery partners, set their own hours, their own menu and work from their own culinary space, or rent out a commercial kitchen through our app. FoodJin is the perfect platform to show off your skills and to jumpstart your culinary career. It’s a fresh take on take out and delivery, and it’s delicious.

With FoodJin, everyone is a winner! Get on board with us to benefit from all of our advantages.

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We completely understand your need and the team will do anything in order to fulfill them. Our plan is to create a new platform for completely accessible food in the industry. With a committed team and a great working system, the company is evolving day-by-day.