Privacy & Protection

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1. Introduction

When you use FoodJin App (as defined below), you trust us with your information. We are committed to keeping that trust. That starts with helping you understand our privacy and data protection practices. This policy describes the information we collect, its protection, how it is used and shared, and your choices regarding this information.

Last Modified: [September 2, 2019]
Effective Date: [September 2, 2019]

2. Data Collections and Uses

This policy describes how FoodJin Inc, a company incorporated in USA, having its registered office at 33505 Walnut Ln, Farmington Hills, MI 48331, registered under no. 802283263, and its parents, subsidiaries, representatives, affiliates, officers and directors (collectively, “FoodJin“, “we”, “us”, “our”, as the case may be) collect and use personal information to provide our services.

This policy applies to all users of FoodJin App, which enables users to access the dish offerings of third party cooks under agreement with FoodJin or certain of FoodJin’s affiliates (“Third Party Cooks“) for the purpose of ordering, buying and receiving such dishes from such Third Party Cooks, and the related services anywhere in the world.

This policy also applies to those who provide information to FoodJin in connection with an application to use our services related to FoodJin App, or whose information FoodJin otherwise receives in connection with such services (such as contact information of individuals associated with FoodJin App).

All those subject to this policy are referred to as “users” for purposes of this policy.

The practices described in this policy are subject to applicable laws in the places in which we operate. This means that we only engage in the practices described in this policy in a particular country or region if permitted under the laws of those places.

3. Data Controller

The data controller for the information you provide or that is collected by FoodJin or its affiliates is:
FoodJin, Inc.

33505 Walnut Ln, Farmington Hills, MI 48331, registered under no. 802283263

Questions, comments and complaints about FoodJin’s data practices can be submitted to FoodJin’s contact details above. We process personal information inside and outside of the United States. FoodJin transfers information of users’ outside the United States on the basis of mechanisms approved under applicable laws.

For users in Argentina, the Public Information Access agency, in its role of Regulating Body of Law 25.326, is responsible to receive complaints and reports presented by any data subjects who believes their rights have been impacted by a violation to the local data protection regulation.

4. The Information We Collect

The following information is collected by or on behalf of FoodJin:

A). Information you provide

This may include:

  • User profile. We collect information when you create or update your FoodJin App account. This may include your name, email, phone number, login name and password, address, payment or banking information (including related payment verification information), credit card details, government identification numbers such as social security number, passport if required by law, birth date, photo and signature. This also includes the preferences and settings that you enable for your FoodJin account;
  • Background check information. We may collect background check information if you sign up to use FoodJin App’s services as a user. This may include information such as your criminal record (where permitted by law). This information may be collected by a vendor on FoodJin’s behalf;
  • Demographic data. We may collect demographic information about you, including through user surveys. In some countries, we may also receive demographic information about you from third parties; and
  • User content We may collect information that you submit when you contact FoodJin App customer support, provide ratings or reviews for Third Party Cooks, or otherwise contact FoodJin.
B). Information created when you use FoodJin App

This may include:

  • Location Information. Depending on the FoodJin App services that you use, and your FoodJin App settings or device permissions, we may collect your precise or approximate location information as determined through data such as GPS, IP address and Wi-Fi. If you have provided permission for the processing of location data, FoodJin collects location information when the FoodJin app is running in the foreground (app open and on- screen) or background (app open but not on screen) of your device;
  • Transaction Information. We collect transaction details related to your use of our FoodJin App services, including the type of services you requested or provided, your order details, delivery information, date and time the service was provided, amount charged, dishes ordered, and payment method. Additionally, if someone uses your promotion code, we may associate your name with that person;
  • Usage information. We collect information about how you interact with our services. This includes information such as access dates and times, app features or pages viewed, app crashes and other system activity, type of browser (if the case), and third-party sites or services you were using before interacting with our FoodJin App services. In some cases, we collect this information through cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers;
  • Device Information. We may collect information about the devices you use to access our services, including the hardware models, device IP address, operating systems and versions, software, file names and versions, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, serial numbers, device motion information, and mobile network information; and
  • Communications data. We enable users to communicate with Third Party Cooks and FoodJin through FoodJin App, and its related services. For example, we enable users and Third Party Cooks, to call or text each other (in some countries, without disclosing their telephone numbers to each other). To provide this service, FoodJin receives some information regarding the calls or texts, including the date and time of the call/text, and the content of the communications. FoodJin may also use this information for customer support services (including to resolve disputes between users), for safety and security purposes, to improve our products and services and for analytics.
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