How It Works

Order food by following simple steps

To Order Food
  • To get started, set up an account from the Order drop down menu.
  • Once registered, download the Foodjin App and sign in.
  • Enable location based search to look for Chefs available within your area.
  • Browse thru the list of Chefs and the available dishes.
  • Select your dish
  • Your Chef is now on the job and you will be able to track progress of it’s completion.
  • Once your food is ready, you will be notified of its completion. You can proceed to pick up if you had chosen so.
  • Otherwise, the food is on its way to your doorstep. Enjoy!
  • Bon appetite!
Our Photography
Our Photography

To Cook The Food

Join the our Rapidly Growing Family of Chefs

  • Once you’re approved to work for FoodJin, begin by creating a menu catalogue.
  • Take photos of your food, and beef up your profile so customers will choose your dish.
  • Accept or deny an order.
  • Cook the meal, giving progress along the way.
  • Package the meal and send it out for delivery!
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About Us

What is FoodJin, anyway? Learn how this customer-centered culinary
concept was kneaded and baked to perfection.

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The International FoodJin Club

Connect and interact with fellow chefs by sharing posts and commenting on eachother’s dish.